Welcome to the EZdroid open source project, where developers of component-based software for provisioning the Android platform collaborate and initiate business ideas. Our platform is the Apache Felix OSGI implementation running on Android, initially supplemented with components developed by the founders.

This EZdroid community was founded by Luminis BV and Akquinet AG – both long time proponents of the Open Source movement and pioneers within the Apache Felix community, to:

  • Promote the open availability of software applications for Android, utilizing the Apache ACE dynamic provisioning server together with our extensions for License-, Device- and Integrated Software-Management.
  • Develop a robust validation and quality certification system for Android applications to ensure that they will not disrupt the normal running of an Android device.
  • Invite and facilitate commercial partnerships to apply the benefits of our open platform by e.g.: developing and distributing component-based software and content.
  • Promote interoperability and platform agnosticism through the use of Apache Felix